Ask the Attorney – Wage and Hour Edition, Vol. 4

I have worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years. I currently work for a contractor in Southern Ohio as a laborer. I am presently the foreman for a paving job, and I don’t get paid any overtime even though most weeks we work at least 50 hours. I order materials for the job and set the schedule with the contractor, but most of my day is spent paving, just like everyone else. However, I make the least amount of money each week, because the other laborers get overtime and I don’t. How can they do that? – Bill C. Continue reading

Ask the Attorney – Wage and Hour Edition, Vol. 3

I work in the casino as a Shift Supervisor. When I was hired, they made it sound like I would be supervising all of the employees in the janitorial department. However, I spend almost all of my time cleaning, refilling soap or toilet paper, and stocking the supply closet like everyone else. When someone doesn’t do their job, I’m not allowed to discipline them, I am told to do the work myself. I get paid a salary and never get any overtime pay even though I work 50 or sometimes 60 hours a week. There are a lot of weeks where the hourly employees take home more money than I do since they get overtime pay. How is that right? – Mark C. Continue reading

Ask the Attorney – Wage and Hour Edition Vol. 2

I work at a very popular restaurant. On Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the restaurant opened early and closed late to accommodate all of the hungry shoppers. Working 15 hours on both of those days brought my total hours that week to 54. My boss only paid me $6.08/hour for the overtime I worked and since my overall tips for the week were down, I only made a total of $400 for the entire week. How can that be legal? – Stacy S. Continue reading

Fear of Retaliation

Mistreatment in the workplace is common, but that doesn’t mean it is right or even legal. Wronged employees often do not speak out because the fear of workplace retaliation is too great. Employees fear the mistreatment will get worse, no one will do anything about it, or they will get fired, if they speak out. You do have rights, and you don’t have to suffer through workplace mistreatment.

Understanding Your Rights

The first step toward understanding your rights in the workplace is calling Widman & Franklin. As specialists in Labor and Employment Law, we know the Ohio employment laws and can help you identify wrongdoing by your employer. If you are suffering from discrimination, unpaid wages, or wrongful termination, we can help you. Contact us today.